Thursday, October 16, 2008

Croque Monsieur - Petit Louis Bistro

We chose the Croque Monsieur as our first sandwich because Kate has fond memories of them from her time spent in France and Nicole has had a recipe in her cook book for years for one and still has never tried one. Here is a picture of the sandwich (we forgot to take a picture when it first arrived, so apologies for the half eaten version).

Sandwich Contents: This ham-and-cheese sandwich is a staple in French cuisine and rightfully so with its melted slices of Madrange ham and Gruyère cheese, sure to satisfy any palate. Thick slices of brioche bread are dipped into egg before grilling, resulting in melted ham and cheese squished between two heavenly slices of French toast.

Kate's Review
With growing anticipation from our growling stomachs Nicole and I couldn’t wait too much past 12 to hit up our first stop on the Baltimore Sandwich Challenge Tour. Our plan was to grab a seat at the bar and split the sandwich. That quickly changed when we stepped into Petit Louis and realized they don’t have seating at the bar so on to plan B. We were a little nervous to see the response from the server when we ordered one $10 sandwich for the two of us to split so we decided to add a bowl of the butternut squash soup. The Croque Monsieur was DELICIOUS!!!! Imagine grilled cheese with french toast and ham for an added bonus, oh and a side of real “French” fries….so Yummy. And good thing we guilted ourselves into the soup because it was one of the best I have ever had. I’m sure the heavy cream didn’t hurt matters besides my waistline. I would recommend this to everyone especially on a perfect fall day like today. We walked out with bellies full and two very happy ladies. I definitely see many more Croque Monsieurs in my future.

Nicole's Review
Delicious. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. We felt a little silly ordering one sandwich and splitting it, given how nice the restaurant was, so we took the suggestion of Jana and ordered a bowl of soup. What a good decision. I know we are supposed to be writing about the sandwich, but the Butternut Squash soup was phenomenal. Anyway, back to the sandwich. It was great. The bread wasn't soggy, but it was definitely eggy. The perfect amount of ham and cheese. Oh and the fries? That were perfect too. For $10 for the sandwich and fries, its definitely worth it. Especially if your budget doesn't allow for a 3 course meal at Petit Louis!