Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McMechen - On the Hill Cafe & Market

Sandwich Contents: The wrap folds up a careful balance of curried chicken salad, pecans, red grapes, greens and mango chutney.

Kate's Review
Since the bar was set so high with the Croque Monsieur it was going to take a lot to impress us. When we arrived at the café all the two tops were taken which caused us to get flustered while ordering. Thankfully someone left and we were able to squeeze three of us in so we didn’t have to take it to go. Our friend Tamara was a guest taste tester for this trip although she opted for the quiche instead. While the McMechen was a good sandwich I wasn’t won over. I only found one grape and the pecans were too finely chopped that I didn’t really taste them which is what made it appeal to me in the first place. I probably won’t eat it again and if I happen to visit On the Hill Café again I’ll opt for one of the other sandwiches. I rate the McMechen as a three banquette sandwich.

Nicole's Review
Located close to the MICA campus, this tiny restaurant was filled with students with exotic piercings and quite honestly, made me feel very un-hip. The place was very crowded and I instantly became a bit anxious about where we would sit. After causing somewhat of a small scene, we were able to secure a small table and a third chair for our guest, Tamara. The sandwich arrived and looked very good. And it was good, just not great. One of things I was most excited about was that there were grapes in the curried chicken salad, however I think I only got a half of a grape in my half of the sandwich. There was also mango chutney on the sandwich, but it was lopped on and really should have been spread evenly over the wrap so that each bite provided a taste of it. Overall the sandwich was good, but it wasn’t a sandwich I’d seek out. In fact, if I went back there, I probably would try something else.

A big thanks to Norwin who sponsored the McMechen. To thank Norwin for his sandwich sponsorship, we are posting a picture of his adorable kids, Noah & Asha in their Halloween costumes.

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