Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roma - Ceriello Fine Italian Foods

Sandwich Contents: Rustic ciabatta bread with layers of finely sliced prosciutto, mozzarella cheese and tomato, drizzled with a splash of olive oil, and punctuated with the slight tang of basil. Grilled, panini-style or eaten cold.

Kate's Review: Originally postponed due to a work meeting we were able to squeeze it in after a late cancellation. The Roma was one of my top picks from the list so I was super excited to experience it myself and I basically LOVE anything Italian so how could I go wrong. The sandwich is served cold or panini style so of course we had to try both. The cold one was good but the Panini version was scrumptious. The grilling intensified the cheese and prosciutto and who doesn’t like melted mozzarella. I would have liked more basil with each bite and I did add balsamic to spice it up but I still enjoyed it and downed the whole thing. Oh, and the bonus was being introduced to the Belvedere "market". Can’t wait to hit up all the other places. Special thanks to Karen for sponsoring this week and joining in on the judging. I rate this sandwich as a 4 baguetter.

Nicole's Review: This was one of the ones I was looking most forward to having on the list. Everything on this sandwich is a favorite and the combo of it all makes it even better. We tried it both ways, panini style and cold. I can't decide which was my favorite. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the panini style. My only history with the panini is a sandwich from Panera Bread and a couple of those Lean Cuisine paninis so I didn't have very high hopes for it. My only complaint would be that the basil was concentrated in one location on the sandwich. I would have liked it to have been chopped and sprinkled over the sandwich. Other than that, no complaints!

A big thanks to Karen who sponsored the Roma. Unfortunatly Karen wasn't able to make it to lunch with us because of a work obligation, but she was able to enjoy the Roma we brought back to the office for her!

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