Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bistro Beef - Miss Shirley's

Sandwich Contents - Beef is grilled to order, topped with blue cheese, tomatoes, mixed greens, and roasted vegetables, like peppadews and Vidalia onions, then piled on ciabatta bread. Served with Miss Shirley's signature dipping salsa and either seasonal fruit or a mixed green salad.

Kate's Review - Finally, I get to try Miss Shirley’s CafĂ©. I’ve heard so many good reviews about their brunch but not much talk about their sandwiches so I was eager to try it myself. We were originally thinking of picking something lite since this trip was on the heals of Thanksgiving, but why wait for something that sounds so delish. I have to say I’m addicted to good bread especially ciabatta so I didn’t think it would take much to impress me on this one and impress it did. I loved the combination of the tomatoes and roasted peppers especially when the melted blue cheese mixed with the horseradish made its way into the bite. The steak was cooked medium per our order and was perfect. The sandwich was complimented with a special order of sweet potatoes fries which I definitely recommend to round out the meal. Tamara joined us again and ordered another sandwich on the menu, which impressed me just as much. From my experience I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on their menu. I rate this sandwich with 4 Banquettes; well 4 ½ but we don’t do halfs!

Nicole's Review - I have been wanting to go to Miss Shirley's for a couple years now. I hear their breakfast is great, but I also hear its a hard seat to get and with a 1 year old, waiting for a table isn't something I want to do. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit and I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. The sandwich was delicious. The amount of blue cheese on the sandwich was perfect. Just enough to get that great taste, but not too much to overwhelm. The bread was amazing. In addition to the sandwich, we split an order of the sweet potato fries. Wow. I'm a recent fan of sweet potatoes (thanks to making sweet potato baby food) and although I haven't had too many variations of the sweet potato fry, I honestly think none will ever beat these. They were so yummy. The citrus aioli made them even better. I have nothing bad or even the least bit negative to say about the sandwich, much less the whole place. This was one of the best so far.

A big thanks to Dave, Kate's hairdresser for sponsoring this sandwich!

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