Friday, February 6, 2009

Cloak and Dagger - Eddie's of Roland Park

Sandwich Contents: Lean turkey topped with coleslaw, Swiss, and Thousand Island dressing.

Kate's Review:
I’m already a big fan of any variation of the Rueben so this was a no brainer. The Cloak and Dagger aka ‘The Rachel’ or Turkey Rueben was accidentally made with corn beef which we didn’t notice until we brought it back to my house. Instead of bringing it back for the ‘real’ deal our stomachs told us otherwise and we dove right in. The deli attendant suggested we make it Panini style which would have also been my first choice. Since we brought the sandwich back to my house the bread did get a little soggy from the butter and thousand island but that didn’t stop me from devouring it. I enjoyed the saltiness of the beef along with the tang and sweetness of the slaw and dressing. I give it 3 baguettes.

Nicole's Review: I was a little hesitant heading into this sandwich because I'm not a fan of swiss cheese. I figured I liked everything else the sandwich had to offer (in fact, I LOVE coleslaw on sandwiches) to I'd probably not even taste the swiss. I was right! I hardly tasted the swiss at all and what I did taste, I actually liked. This thrilled me because there are quite a few sandwiches left on our list that include swiss and I was a little nervous about that. Anyway, the sandwich was delicious despite not being what we ordered. Instead of the lean turkey, they gave us corned beef. We were a little disappointed that the sandwich wasn't exactly what we were supposed to try, but it was still pretty good. If I had to comment on one thing, it would be that there was a bit more corned beef than I would have preferred. It was a bit messy too, but in a good way, not that annoying, liquide dripping down your hand, sandwich falling apart way. All in all, it was good, but not a favorite. The question now is, do we try this one again with turkey, or move on?


CaraBee said...

We used to order lunch from Eddie's all the time and I often looked at the C and D, but resisted because I don't like Swiss. Guess I should have given it a try!

Dan said...

I'd recommend trying "The Original" Cloak & Dagger at Attman's on Corned Beef Row. Corned Beef and just the right amount of slaw and Russian dressing on excellent rye bread.

Cheese Doodle said...

Thousand Island dressing? A real Cloak & Dagger is Russian dressing.

Rachel Rappaport said...

I don't think it was a mistake, they are always made with corned beef and Russian dressing. Some people confuse it with 1000 Island but it is different.