Monday, June 1, 2009

The 98 Rock Hercules - Pickles & Chips

Sandwich Contents: Ham, bacon, Swiss, mayo, tomato, hot peppers, Old Bay, and pickle slices on pumpernickel.

Kate's Review:
Surprisingly tasty. I’m not a fan of hot peppers or mayo but combined with the ham and sweet pumpernickel I really enjoyed it. They were generous with their ham portion which was thinly sliced…just how I like it. I could have done without the bacon which was rubbery and seemed a bit raw so after the first bite it was removed. To add back the crisp I expected from the bacon I piled on the home made potatoes chips which where the perfect compliment. Thank goodness they aren’t bottomless or I could have downed a pound or two.

Nicole's Review:
Surprisingly good. This sandwich definitely consisted of things I would not normally eat on a sandwich, particularly pickles and hot peppers but I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious it was. In fact, since eating this sandwich I’ve been adding pickles to sandwiches! I don’t recall seeing any cheese on this sandwich, which was fine with me since I’m not a fan of Swiss. How great that I was able to enjoy a sandwich without cheese! While I think this sandwich is a bit overpriced ($7.59), its nice to know they donate $.25 per signature sandwich to charity. Oh and you do get some delicious potato chips.

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