Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beef Brisket - Miller's Delicatessen

Sandwich Contents: A mound of meat and gravy and thick-cut fries.

Kate's Review:
This place is a little overwhelming during lunch rush hour even when you know what you have to order: I recommend coming for a later lunch if you dare. Apparently we should have requested the Beef Brisket “Platter” because just ordering the beef brisket gets you bread with some beef on it…no gravy or fries. We were able to get the gravy on the side but it wasn’t the big production I was expecting. Of course my first bite was fatty which turned me off to eating the rest. I guess if I was a huge beef fan I may have felt differently but for me this was nothing to rave about. Thankfully I ordered a Greek salad which was a generous portion and the dressing was excellent with tons of feta piled on top. I rate the sandwich with 1 baguette.

Nicole's Review:
This is one of those places where you feel like you must have your ordered rehearsed in order to not be yelled at by the counter staff. The menu is huge (not to mention in a terrible location – behind where people stand in line) and we weren’t sure which beef brisket to get – the platter or the sandwich. I think we chose wrong since ours didn’t come with gravy or fries. We did ask for a side of the gravy when we realized the error. The sandwich was pretty good. The rye bread really helped it along. There was plenty of beef and the gravy was really good. I can only imagine how fries would have tasted in that gravy. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say its one of Baltimore’s best sandwiches, to me it was a little boring. If you venture to Millers, I highly suggest not wearing anything that requires dry cleaning as you may notice later in the day you smell a bit like a grease fryer.

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