Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Land and Sea - Beach Bums

Sandwich Contents: Roast Beef and Shrimp Salad

Kate's Review: This visit to Beach Bum’s Café was a first for me. Depending on the day, reading the description of the “Land and Sea” sandwich either made me salivate or my stomach turn. Thankfully when it came time to try it I was having positive thoughts and the sandwich didn’t disappoint. The sandwich was a double-decker with one side overflowing with shrimp salad and the other loaded with roast beef. My favorite was the shrimp that was very peppery and well balanced by the Rye. The roast beef added a subtle flavor boost. It was a bit messy so I consolidated mine to a one layer sandwich which I destroyed within a matter of minutes. One thing not to skip at Beach Bum’s is their ice cream; they had 4 different flavors that included Peanut Butter (my favorite food ever!) which made it difficult to decide but after sampling 3 I choose the PB Oreo……Scrumptious!!! I rate this sand with 4 baguettes.

Nicole's Review: The combination of shrimp salad and roast beef isn't something I would probably have put together, but I was rather excited to try this sandwich. I was definitely not disappointed! The sandwich was huge, a double decker with a slice of bread (we chose rye) serving as a divider between the roast beef and the salad. The shrimp salad was delicious. It was more peppery than I've had, but I think thats what made it so good. The sauce from the salad also help to moisten up the roast beef and make it a bit more exciting. I was surprised that the sandwich wasn't very messy. A couple stray shrimp fell to my plate, but nothing like some of the sandwiches in the past. I think the addition of the rye bread rather than white just made the combination of flavors that much more exciting. I highly recommend this sandwich and hope to return for another. Don't forget to get some ice cream after your sandwich. I couldn't resist a black and white milkshake!

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BeerGuy said...

Hey Kate and Nicole! Great concept. Thought I'd throw in a recommendation: the Banh Mi at Brewer's Art (see link at my site below).

Just had one the other day and really, really enjoyed it.

Keep up the great work.