Friday, October 23, 2009

Shrimp Salad - Koco's Pub

Sandwich Contents: Shrimp salad served on a sesame-seed bun with tomato and lettuce.

Kate’s Review:
Our first attempt to taste the Shrimp Salad at Koco’s was a complete and utter failure. After dragging two co-workers with us, we discovered Koco’s was sold out of the sandwich which left us in less than a good mood. We were starving and needed food ASAP so we settled for the Greek salad. We learned our lesson and decided to call the next week to ensure they had it before making the hike. When I made the call I was informed that they don’t usually allow for take-out on this sandwich….why will remain a mystery but thankfully I was able to convince them otherwise . The sand looked delectable with large shrimp piled on a fresh bun with a red juicy tomato and lettuce. After the picture was taken, we were ready to dive in after a week of anticipation. Perhaps the buildup was too much because although the sandwich was tasty, I didn’t think it was anything to write home about. Honestly, I was more excited about the tomato. It was swimming in mayo which I think is unnecessary when the ingredients are fresh; no need to mask it with mayo. Don’t get me wrong, I finished every bite but wasn’t overly impressed. I would rate the sandwich with 3 baguettes.

Nicole’s Review: It took two tries to get this sandwich, which was a bit frustrating, but worth it. The first time we went they were sold out. The second time we smartened up and placed our order over the phone for take-out (which apparently they don’t normally do). The sandwich was delicious, albeit a bit messy. The shrimp salad was a little heavy on the mayo, but perfectly flavored with Old Bay which complimented the flavor of the shrimp, not over powering it. The roll was fresh and surprisingly tasty, almost kind of sweet. I think the one thing that I remember the most (I’m writing this a week late) about this sandwich though, is the tomato. It was a vibrant red and so delicious. The sandwich was great, however, I’m not sure it is really worth the $15 we shelled out for it. We’re not grading it on value though, so I’m going to rank this one up at the top of my favorites list.

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